"Students for Science Policy" events with the Academic Alliance of Life Science Tennessee

Kate Stuart
November 5, 2013
The Academic Alliance of Life Science Tennessee has a new program for graduate, law, and business students interested in learning about and gaining experience in science policy.  This program will complement LifeSciTN's initiatives to advance the life science industry in Tennessee and will connect their advocacy initiatives to our students.  The ability to affect change in science policy is a crucial skill for scientists and entrepreneurs.  
The program consists of two parts:  (1) Fall semester Science Policy Spotlight Seminar Series and (2) Spring Semester Students for Science Policy Project.  If you are interested in participating in the Spring Project, it is necessary that you attend the Fall Seminar Series. Please reply to Sonja (sonja.c.brooks@vanderbilt.edu) if you are interested.  
*Federal Relations: Spotlight on Research Advocacy featuring Christina West and Alex Currie
  Nov 20th at 12:00pm
MRBIII Room 3131
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*Local Legislation: Spotlight on TN Medical Licensing Bill featuring Garry Latimer and Dr. Greg Stelzer
Monday, Nov 4th at 5:30pm
Light Hall 512
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R. Garry Latimer, the President and CEO of DiaTech, and Dr. Greg Stelzer, Executive Vice President and CSO of Diatech, will discuss how biomedical industries can advocate for state legislation.  The focus of the seminar will be the recent TN medical licensing bill, what it does for the industry, and how a strong industry association helps DiaTech advocate for local legislation.


Science Policy Spotlight Seminar Series
Refreshments will be served; Locations TBA pending RSVP
*Supreme Court Case Law: Spotlight on Gene Patenting Ruling featuring Jake Neu, JD
  Sept 25th at 5:30pm, Light Hall, Room 512
Students for Science Policy Project:
Students will work with LifeSciTN to collect information from LifeSciTN members on policy objectives and requests.  This data will be compiled and presented to legislators at the Day on the Hill in Nashville and Washington D.C. A small group of students, who have demonstrated interest during the fall seminar series, will work together to achieve these goals.  We will continue to update interested students on the details of the project during the fall semester.