Teaching as Research and Tiered Mentoring Program via CIRTL

Kate Stuart
May 5, 2015
Posted in Announcements

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) is looking for participants in its Teaching as Research (TAR) program and its Tiered Mentoring Program. The TAR program is where future faculty (graduate students and postdocs) perform activities designed to improve their teaching skills and expose them to evidence-based teaching and learning. The Tiered Mentoring Program focuses on helping participants navigate issues of identity and authority in a variety of teaching contexts, including classroom instruction and one-on-one mentoring in the lab or office. 

Opportunities exist for this summer as well as in the fall and next spring. CIRTL will be conducting a workshop in June for those participants that have little or no exposure to evidence-based teaching and learning. Stipends are available for summer, fall, and spring participants that want to conduct teaching research. 
Learn more about these programs and apply at www.vanderbilt.edu/cirtl/programs
Contact Mike.Myers@Vanderbilt.edu or Jean.Alley@Vanderbilt.edu with any questions.