Time to apply for AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

Kate Stuart
June 5, 2015
Posted in Announcements

AAAS seeks candidates from a broad array of backgrounds and a diversity of geographic, disciplinary, gender, and ethnic perspectives as well as disability status. Fellows have ranged in age from late 20s to early 70s. They represent a spectrum of career stages, from recent PhD graduates to faculty on sabbatical to retired scientists and engineers. Fellows also come from a range of sectors, including academia, industry, non-profit organizations, and government labs.

Successful Applicants

  • Have solid scientific and technical credentials and the endorsement of three references.
  • Show a commitment to serve society.
  • Exhibit good communication skills, both verbally and in writing, and the ability to engage with non-scientific audiences.
  • Demonstrate integrity, problem-solving ability, good judgment, flexibility, and leadership qualities.
To be considered for a fellowship via AAAS, applicants must:
  • Hold a doctoral level degree (PhD, ScD, MD, DVM, EdD, etc.*), in any of the following:
  • Medical and Health sciences
  • Biological, Physical or Earth sciences
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Computational sciences and Mathematics
  • Engineering disciplines (applicants with a MS in engineering and three years of professional experience also qualify).
  • Hold U.S. citizenship (dual citizenship from the United States and another country is acceptable).
  • Federal employees are not eligible for the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships.***
  • Eligible to receive government funds through the System of Award Management (SAM).
  • Registered with the U.S. Selective Service (males between the ages of 18 and 26).

Note: All requirements for the degree must be completed by the application deadline. During the application process, you will pay a nominal fee directly to an independent company that verifies applicant data and eligibility. Some program areas and agencies seek additional qualifications. Click on the Fellowship Areas Overview and review the host agencies and offices for details.

*A JD does not qualify as a doctoral level degree.
**Holding a Title 42 position or a Presidential Management Fellowship is considered federal employment and therefore renders an applicant ineligible for a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship. Individuals working in postdoctoral positions at government labs or agencies, for private contractors, and in state government posts are not federal employees and therefore are eligible for the AAAS Fellowships.