Use VersatilePhD to learn more about careers

Kate Stuart
November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend, why not dedicate a couple hours to learn about nonacademic careers and open your mind to some new possibilities? The PhD Career Finder is an excellent tool for that. Everyone can read about a wide variety of good careers for PhDs. Those at subscribing institutions get to read the "How to Break In" materials on the right as well - SUPER helpful. They also get the Power Search feature which helps them connect with real post-academic contacts.

Whatever level of access you have, please use this excellent career exploration tool.

Another good thing to do around Thanksgiving (or anytime): write a thank-you note/email to someone who has helped you somehow in your career. Maybe you did an informational interview with this person, or maybe they introduced you to someone, or maybe they just made you feel at ease in a new situation. Whatever they did, why not thank them for it and update them on your progress? It will make them feel good, while also refreshing the relationship.