Volunteers Needed for Aspirnaut™ Beaming of STEM Labs to Rural America

Kate Stuart
August 13, 2013
Posted in Announcements

Volunteers Needed for Aspirnaut™ Beaming of STEM Labs to Rural America.

Aspirnaut is entering its 5th year of beaming hands-on inquiry-based STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) labs to rural Tennessee, Arkansas, and Maine. Videoconferencing to youth in 3rd-8th grades is the perfect opportunity for post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students to gain valuable teaching experience through sharing their expertise and helping to supplement science education in rural areas. Learn to communicate with bright, motivated students and educate them on topics ranging from biology and chemistry to astronomy and engineering through the next-generation classroom—the webcam. Minimal time required—maximum impact gained. Click here to visit the Aspirnaut™ website to learn more and see what you could do for these eager students!

The reach of the Aspirnaut™ program continues to grow and we have an additional need for volunteers to begin teaching as early as this fall. We will send you more information about information sessions and training, if you email the address below.

Email  videoconferencing@aspirnaut.org or call 936-5275 with questions or to express your interest.