Writing Opportunity: Angelman Biomarkers/Outcomes Measures Alliance

Ashley Brady
March 31, 2017
Posted in Announcements

The Angelman Biomarkers/Outcomes Measures Alliance (ABOM) is seeking volunteer writing support for their organization.

Barbara O'Brien (current Neuroscience graduate student) is working with Dr. Terry Jo Bichell (Vanderbilt University graduate school alum, Bowman Lab, Neuroscience) on building the Angelman Biomarkers/Outcome Measures (A-BOM) Alliance Reports page (http://www.angelmanbiomarkers.org/reports.html).

The reports are intended to be a way for the general public to learn about biomarkers and outcome measures in Angelman research through summaries of published scientific articles.

They are seeking students and post-docs who would be interested in writing short synopses of scientific research articles on Angelman syndrome, with a particular focus on the biomarker/outcome measure aspect of each manuscript. The reports are meant for a general audience with the assumption that the readers do not have a scientific background.

These summaries will be published on their website, and the student/postdoc will be listed as a contributor.

An anonymous donor has agreed to reward each accepted and published summary with a $150 prize.  

If you are interested in writing a report, please contact Barbara O'Brien for more details.


Barbara O’Brien
Volunteer Editor
Angelman Biomarkers/Outcome Measures Alliance