Posts in Upcoming BRET Office of Career Development Events

Negotiation Workshop

Kate Stuart
December 21, 2016

Join us for the Negotiation Workshop led by Elliott Kruse, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management. Dr. Kruse will talk about critical concepts to use in your daily life, for negotiations big and small. You will hear about the research behind effective negotiation and learn practical tactics to help in almost any negotiation scenario. In the latter part of the workshop, participants will engage in a case study of a job offer negotiation to learn how to effectively manage a conversation about salary, benefits, etc, that accompanies a job offer.

ASPIRE Module: Practical Strategies for Strong Writing, Spring 2017

Kate Stuart
December 14, 2016

In this module, experts from the Vanderbilt Writing Studio will teach scientists to become more effective writers. Sessions will focus on understanding reader expectations, foundational principles of argumentative structure, and writing cohesive paragraphs and sentences. Participants will write or edit an abstract of their own as an exercise. The practical strategies taught in this module can be applied to all types of documents, from grant applications to peer-reviewed manuscripts. Attendance is limited to 24 participants who can attend both sessions.

ASPIRE Module: STEM Teaching in K-12 Schools, Spring 2017

Kate Stuart
December 14, 2016

Each participant will have the opportunity to experience the K-12 classroom through a volunteer placement in a middle or high school setting. The placements will be tailored to each participant and will range from one class period to a full day, depending on participant availability. The placement will ideally be scheduled during the last week of the module, but this will depend on participant and classroom availability. Placements will be finalized with participant approval.

Award winning Management and Business Principle Module, now accepting applications

Kate Stuart
October 28, 2016

In spring semester 2017, the BRET Office of Career Development is offering a module for biomedical PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, Business and Management Principles for Scientists. 

PhD Career Connections: Teaching and Education Landscape in High Schools

Join us as we welcome Dr. Paulianda Jones, PhD, former postdoctoral fellow in the Conn Lab, for PhD Career Connections. Dr. Jones is a science teacher for the Upper School of Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Bronx, NY. Monday, November 14, 2016 11:00am-noon Light Hall 411 A-D Registration is requested.

Data Science in Industry featuring Insight Data Science

Kate Stuart
September 30, 2016

Katie Amrine, a Program Director and Data Scientist at Insight Data Science, will discuss the growing demand for data scientists in industry, why PhDs are uniquely positioned to fill these roles, and some tips and strategies for how to make the transition into industry.  Katie will also give a brief overview of the Insight Data Science Fellows Program and how it helps graduate students and postdocs bridge the gap between academia and industry. Thursday, October 13 1:00pm Light Hall 512

ASPIRE On the Road: Fisk University, Nashville, TN

Ashley Brady
September 1, 2016

ASPIRE On the Road is an initiative of the Vanderbilt ASPIRE Program aimed at broadening the training experiences of biomedical Ph.D. graduate students and postdocs by organizing site visits to companies and organizations to help our trainees make well-informed career decisions. The inaugural ASPIRE on the Road will be a visit to Fisk University in Nashville, TN.  Fisk University is a small, historically black liberal arts university with a history of excellence in academics through teaching, research, and service.  It is Nashville’s oldest institution of higher education and conveniently located less than two miles from Vanderbilt.  Through this opportunity, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will spend a half-day on Fisk’s campus to learn about teaching-focused academic faculty careers, hear from key leadership at Fisk, observe a class, meet with faculty members over lunch and tour the campus, classrooms and labs. 

Find Your Voice: How to Write an Op-Ed, an interactive workshop

Scientists have opinions that the world could benefit from hearing. This workshop will give you the tools to combine your experience and expertise with clear and compelling writing to craft an op-ed with the potential to influence readers and impact public policy.

Event: Gold Star Communications Medical Writer Workshop

The Gold Star Communications Medical Writer Workshop will focus on demonstrating how to parlay the skills you already have for a job as a medical writer within a healthcare communications agency. During the workshop, participants will be provided with a framework on which to develop a portfolio that may be used for job interviews. Additionally, general preparedness insights will be shared (e.g. understanding how medical communications agencies are run, client management, insight on US-based companies, and more).

ASPIRE Module Fall 2016: Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR)

Ashley Brady
August 15, 2016

The online Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR) is a course to train participants on how to effectively conduct clinical research. The course focuses on the spectrum of clinical research and the research process by highlighting epidemiologic methods, study design, protocol preparation, patient monitoring, quality assurance, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues. 

ASPIRE Module Fall 2016: Clinical Laboratory Medicine, Applying Your Ph.D. to Patient Care

Ashley Brady
August 15, 2016

Clinical Laboratory Medicine is an area of Pathology dedicated to the laboratory analysis of patient specimens to diagnose/treat human diseases.  Its various sub-disciplines include Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunopathology.