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Postdoctoral opportunities at the NIH

Kim Petrie
December 4, 2013

The NIH Office of Intramurual Training & Education maintains a list of available NIH postdoctoral positions on their website. As in academia, however, not all NIH postdoctoral opportunities are advertised! If you are interested in a particular lab at the NIH, you should reach out directly to the potential postdoctoral mentor even if there is no open postdoctoral position listed on the OITE website.

New Beyond the Lab video series interviews VU PhD alumni about their career path

Kim Petrie
November 11, 2013

Check out our new Beyond the Lab video series showcasing the careers of our PhD and postdoctoral alumni! In Beyond the Lab, the BRET Office of Career Development interviews Vanderbilt PhD and postdoctoral alumni about their career path since leaving VU. Each 10-20 minute video features a different alumnus describing his or her job and providing advice for conducting a job search in that field. We will add new videos each month as they are produced. The first two videos feature alumni Dr.

Ten Take-Aways from the Career Symposium

Kim Petrie
August 7, 2013

Your professional journey will be unpredictable and unforgettable. Begin your journey by understanding your strengths. Strengths Finder 2.0 is a great place to start. (Linda Distlerath) Have a good dose of humility. In your first job, find a buddy who can help guide you through the unwritten protocols and etiquette of your workplace environment. (Linda Distlerath)

An Introvert's Guide to Getting the Most from a Conference

June 26, 2013

"An Introvert's Guide to Getting the Most From A Conference" by Dharmesh Shah Ideas fly around the room. Informal teams form and mutate and re-form. Decisions are quickly made and un-made and refined. Plans are drawn and re-drawn and perfected. Three hours later, you and a room full of incredibly talented people have used your collective knowledge, experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to create something amazing. Many of those people are pumped. They want to go celebrate. They want to keep the “party” going.