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Paying Uncle Sam: Understanding Taxes for Stipends, Grants, & Fellowships

Kate Stuart
January 12, 2015

Do you have a grant vs. a stipend and are not sure if you’re supposed to file taxes or not? Find out the answers at this workshop. Tuesday, January 27 5–6pmAlumni Hall 201 Wilson Hall 126 (location moved to accommodate larger group) Guest presenters: Briana Mullenax, CPA, Senior Manager, and Cindy Anderson, CPA, Senior Manager, at Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain, PC To register, click here Sponsored by Graduate School Career Development and gradLEAF 

"The Afterbirth and the Academy," Vitae

Kate Stuart
August 6, 2014

"When people asked me what I expected from childbirth, I told them that I thought it would be bloody and painful. And it was. But what nobody tells you about having a baby is that the delivery may be the easiest part. Contrary to popular belief, what comes afterward isn’t instant bliss; the first weeks and months of parenthood are largely uncharted territory for many new parents. They’re often just as difficult and terrifying as labor and delivery themselves, if not more so."

A Postdoc's Guide to Pregnancy and Maternity Leave

Rachel Howell
July 8, 2014

The National Postdoc Association recently published A Postdoc's Guide to Pregnancy and Maternity Leave. Developed by Kathleen Flint Ehm and Amelia Linnemann as part of the NPA's ADVANCE project, this resource provides general information on pregnancy and maternity leave for postdocs, including tips for keeping your research going and talking with your supervisor.

PhD in Progress

Kate Stuart
May 15, 2014
Posted in Announcements

Three Princeton PhD candidates from Molecular Biology have started a podcast - - to talk to graduate students about "topics of thriving in graduate school, pursuing an academic or non-academic career, and introducing the materials and resources capable of changing the way we believe graduate school should be." Check it out!

On-campus seminars: "Stress 101" and" Problem Solving, Time Management, and Assertive Communication"

Kate Stuart
March 24, 2014

This year the Graduate Student Council is teaming up with the Vanderbilt University Psychological and Counseling Center to provide a lunch workshop for graduate students focusing on important skills that can be broadly applied to all aspects of your professional and personal lives.  The GSC's hope is that this workshop will give graduate students the opportunity to think about and discuss things that affect them in their day to day life, and equip them to face these daily challenges in a healthy and effective way.

VUWiSE Meeting, January 9

Kate Stuart
January 3, 2014

VUWiSE Meeting: 09 Jan, 2 pm, Light Hall 419 A-D  The next VU Women in Science and Engineering (VUWiSE) meeting will be Thurs, 09 Jan, 2pm, at Light Hall, 419 A-D. Please join us!  We will discuss updates about our programming (with a focus on outreach, mentoring, and social events), hold officer elections, form committees, and discuss plans for future events.