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TAing to Thousands, February 24th

Kate Stuart
February 21, 2014
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What is it like to serve as a teaching assistant in a course with thousands of students? A panel of graduate students will share their experiences serving as teaching staff in Vanderbilt’s massive open online courses (MOOCs) hosted on Coursera.

ASPIRE to Connect: Building Professional Relationships

ASPIRE to Connect: Building Professional RelationshipsTuesday, March 181:00-5:30pm, Student Life Center Gain practical tips and learn techniques to meet new people and cultivate authentic professional connections. ***REGISTER TODAY!***

ComSciCon: The Communicating Science workshop for graduate students

Kate Stuart
February 14, 2014

Communicating Science is a workshop series organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on science communication skills.  Our goal is to empower future leaders in technical communication to share the results from research in their field to broad and diverse audiences, not just practitioners in their fields.  For more information about ComSciCon events, read about our inaugural 2013 workshop.

Developing and Maintaining Effective Communication Skills in the Research Environment (for School of Medicine Postdocs only)

Kate Stuart
January 14, 2014

WHAT:           Developing and Maintaining Effective Communication Skills in the Research Environment (for School of Medicine Postdocs only) WHEN:           March 4th  OR  March 6th  from 1:30-3:00 WHERE:       Light Hall (specific location will be determined later this month)

National Academies of Science to sponsor Communication Workshop on December 9-10

Kim Petrie
December 4, 2013

On December 9-10, the National Academies of Science is sponsoring a science communication workshop, Sustainable Infrastructure for Life Sciences Communication. Leaders from the life sciences community and research organizations can join in person or by webcast to explore the barriers to public communications in the life sciences.

Helpful Stanford e-course available: "SciWrite: Writing in the Sciences"

Kate Stuart
August 30, 2013
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ABOUT THIS COURSE This course teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, and issues in publication and peer review. Students from non-science disciplines can benefit from the training provided in the first four weeks (on general principles of effective writing).

An Introvert's Guide to Getting the Most from a Conference

June 26, 2013

"An Introvert's Guide to Getting the Most From A Conference" by Dharmesh Shah Ideas fly around the room. Informal teams form and mutate and re-form. Decisions are quickly made and un-made and refined. Plans are drawn and re-drawn and perfected. Three hours later, you and a room full of incredibly talented people have used your collective knowledge, experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to create something amazing. Many of those people are pumped. They want to go celebrate. They want to keep the “party” going.