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Event: Engaging the Public with Social Media, presented by AAAS

This 1- hour seminar will provide guidance to scientists who wish to engage publics via social media. It is designed to build skills for public engagement via social media, confidence in social media as a way to engage public audiences, and appreciation for public engagement approaches.

Apply now for Nov 6 workshop on STEM Policy & Advocacy featuring AAAS and Toby Smith of the AAU

STEM Policy & Advocacy: Making Your Voice Heard Monday, November 6, 2017 10:45-5:30 PM  Vanderbilt University Keynote address by Tobin (Toby Smith), Vice President for Policy at the Association of American Universities "Engaging Policymakers" workshop facilitated by the American Advancement for the Association of Science (AAAS)

LinkedIn is Your Friend

Kate Stuart
December 5, 2016
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Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for your job search, even for those with advanced degrees. LinkedIn offers tools to make connecting and finding jobs easier. We will demystify these and highlight its best uses for graduate students and postdocs.

Call for Bloggers for NIH BEST Consortium

Ashley Brady
December 2, 2015
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Your school’s BEST career development program is part of a national effort to help biomedical PhDs and postdocs prepare for a variety of career options. Only a handful of schools have programs like yours and we want to give others a taste of your experience. We are looking for bloggers to write diary-style entries about the career development process to be published on the national NIH BEST website. OVERVIEW Audience: US biomed PhDs and postdocs

LinkedIn introduction requests: what NOT to do

Kim Petrie
May 6, 2014

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool in your professional toolbox. One of LinkedIn's most valuable features is that it helps you visualize who you know that knows someone you want to know. (Got that?) Let's say you applied for a job with XYZ company, and LinkedIn shows you that one of your 1st degree connections knows a manager at XYZ company (your 2nd degree connection). With this knowledge in hand, LinkedIn allows you to ask your 1st degree connection to introduce you to the XYZ manager.

Just in from LinkedIn: Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities in Industry

Kim Petrie
November 18, 2013

Did you know that companies often post job or postdoctoral fellowship opportunities via social media outlets like LinkedIn? Here are three recent industry postdoctoral fellowship opportunities posted to the LinkedIn pages of major biotech firms. Click on the job title to visit the company's LinkedIn posting for more information: Research Scientists, Postdoctoral Scientists - Boston Biomedical, Inc.

To Connect or Not To Connect

Kim Petrie
September 16, 2013

This recent blog post from Allison Vaillancourt for the Chronicle of Higher Education outlines some of the pros and cons of being an "open networker" on LinkedIn. For the most part, I agree with Allison's approach. Like Allison, I value "quality" over "quantity." I rarely connect with people I don't know, and this includes current Vanderbilt students and postdocs I haven't met.