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"PhD Career Finder" tool on Versatile PhD

Kim Petrie
July 31, 2015

The Versatile PhD (VPhD, for short, in this blog post) is an online resource and community for PhDs considering careers outside the "traditional" academic faculty route. The Vanderbilt Graduate School is an institutional subscriber to VPhD, so Vanderbilt students and postdocs have access to all of VPhD's premium content. This includes real-life examples of PhDs and ABDs who went into each of the careers portrayed: their stories, advice, inside information about their fields, even the actual resumes and cover letters they used to get their first post-academic jobs. 

Preparing for Next Year's Job Market

Rachel Howell
June 24, 2014

The Academic Job Search Season is here again! This recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education's Vitae, Preparing for Next Year's Job Market, offers advice for tailoring your cover letter, writing (sometimes required) faith statements or diversity statements, and preparing for interviews.