Syllabus for 2017 Management and Business Principles

The module will meet most Fridays from 8:00-10:00 a.m., January 13 - April 6. There will be a required 1/2 day retreat the afternoon of Wednesday, March 1. 

The module will be a mix of interactive didactic sessions (pre-retreat) and small team-based projects with short lectures on project management and problem-solving, (post-retreat). Due to the interactive nature of this course, attendance at all sessions is required. See attendance policy, below.

All module participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Date Topic
January 13

Finance 1 (Accounting and Financial Reporting)

Finance 2 (Managerial Finance, Budgeting, and Cash Management)

January 20

People 1 (Organizational Design, Recruiting, Hiring, Training)

People 2 (Leadership, Development, Motivation, and Compensation)

January 27 Marketing 1 – Promotion, Advertising, Social Media, Public Relations
February 3  Marketing 2 – Product Development, Product Management, Customer Management
​February 10 Technology – IT, Technology Infrastructure, Data Management
February 17 Operations 1 – Facilities and Operations Management
February 24 Operations 2 – Quality, Efficiency, and Continuous Improvement
Wednesday, March 1

afternoon retreat - 1/2 day social/networking event with guest speakers.

Core Directors assigned as team leaders, project problems are presented.

TEAM MEETING NO DIDACTIC CLASS March 3; teams may meet on their own
March 17  Project Management mini-lecture plus a Project Workshop
TEAM MEETING NO DIDACTIC CLASS March 24; teams may meet on their own
March 31 Problem Solving mini-lecture plus a Project Workshop
April 7 Data Driven Decision Making mini-lecture plus a Project Workshop

April 12

time TBD

Final presentations

Groups will present the problem and their proposed solution/strategy.


Attendance policy

Because the module is interactive and team-based, module participants need to attend all sessions and participate fully, including completing reading assignments outside of class and completing a team-based project. Participants should discuss time away from the lab with their research advisor in advance of the module. Anticipated absences, such as for scientific conferences, should be discussed with the module director.