CDB Reservation & Billing FAQ

Here are some common questions & answers for making CDB Core reservations.


Can I cancel or make changes to my reservation?

Yes. Users can change or cancel their reservation for most equipment up to the time it was made. To modify a reservation, open it up and change the times or dates. To cancel a reservation, open it up, scroll to bottom of the summary, and click “Cancel Reservation”. For the ultracentrifuges and qPCR instruments, there will be no charge assessed even if you forget to cancel it.


What about the Leica confocal?

Leica users will be able to change or cancel their reservation up to 48 hours prior to the time it starts without being charged.  This follows the recent guidelines adopted by the CDB Core.


And, the Nikon Spinning Disk?

Nikon Spinning Disk users will be able to change or cancel their reservation up to the time it is due. 


Do I still have to sign the log sheets and record my time?

Yes. Signing the log sheets confirms a user was present and recording your time or number of scans can help clarify discrepancies in billing. Subsequently, the log sheets will simplified by not asking you to record your grant number since you will do this in the reservation.


What happens if I reserve a piece of equipment but someone else is using it?

If you have a reservation, then you have a right to use the equipment. That being said… we would want to look for a resolution which could accommodate everyone.


Why do some instruments like the ultracentrifuge, CCD Imager, and qPCR reservation charges say “Per Hour”? Are we getting billed “Per Hour” now?

The unit charge states “Per Hour” due to limitations of the C.O.R.E.S. reservation & billing system. However, you will only be billed on a “Per Run” basis regardless of the time you used.