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*Note: Billing was changed to "Per Hour" instead of "Per Run" as of September 29, 2016.

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The CFX96 Systems — Designed for the Way You Work

The CDB Equipment Resource currently has two CFX96 systems available for use.

Bio-Rad’s 1000-series PCR instruments meet all your PCR needs — whether you are designing your first experiment or running a high-throughput laboratory and analyzing large gene expression studies. The CFX96 real-time PCR detection systems build on the power and flexibility of the C1000™ thermal cycler, adding an easy-to-install interchangeable reaction module to create an exceptional real-time PCR system. The system’s unsurpassed thermal performance plus its innovative optical design produce accurate, reliable data, and the powerful, yet intuitive software accelerates every step of your real-time PCR research, shortening the time between getting started and getting great results.


CFX Manager

Want CFX Manager on your computer to analyze data immediately emailed to you when the run is done? Ask me for a copy.


You will need to purchase your own 96-well plates and plate sealers in addition to your reagents. In the past, the Molecular Biology Core has stocked these items. Ordering information is as follows:

BioRad PCR Plates 96-well clear

Cat. # MLL9601

Description: Pkg. of 25, unskirted, low-profile


BioRad PCR Sealers Microseal "B" Film

Cat. # MSB1001

Description: Optically clear, Adhesive seal, Perforation for end-tabs removal, Pack of 100 films



Below, you will find a fantastic resource which is a real time PCR guide. This contains a mountain of information related to the background of the procedure, the various methods available, and critical tips to help you along the way. If you want to be a qPCR expert, this is a must read.

With the CFX96 system, you can:

  • Get great results right away — quick installation and factory-calibrated optics let you set up the system in seconds
  • Fit experiments into your schedule — fast thermal cycling produces results in <30 minutes
  • Save research time — thermal gradient feature lets you optimize reactions in a single experiment
  • Minimize sample and reagent usage — optimal results obtained with sample volumes as low as 10 μl
  • Rely on performance — innovative technologies with long-lasting LEDs and solid-state components provide maximal reliability and optimal quantitative results
  • Analyze results when and where you want — software can send email notification with an attached data file when a run is finished
  • Configure the system to fit your laboratory needs — run a stand-alone system without a computer or up to 4 instruments from 1 computer



CFX96 qPCR bulletin.pdf

Great protocol for qPCR in yeast by CDB's Laura Burns

Reprinted from the Manufacturer's website.