Door Access Requests

How to Get Card Access to the CDB Equipment Resource Room or other card-locked CDB doors

As of 03/29/16, all Door Access Requests through the VUMC Plant Services website will stop. To get access to the CDB Equipment Resource room or any other CDB card access doors, please email the Equipment Manager the following information:

  • Your full name (first and last):
  • Your Department:
  • Your title (i.e., grad student, postdoc, RA, etc.):
  • Your VUNET ID:
  • Your telephone number:
  • Your lab's room and building location (i.e., 3159 MRB3):  
  • Your PI's full name (first and last):
  • Your PI's telephone number:
  • List the door(s) to which you need to have access:
    • U3202 MRB3 Equipment Room
    • 4149C MRB3 Leica Confocal Room*
    • U3200 East and West Doors (Macara Lab Only)
    • 3110C MRB3 (Macara Lab Only)

*Note: Leica Confocal Room Access requests are only granted on approval from a sponsoring PI who has a primary or joint faculty appointment in CDB. Training is mandatory for all new members before the microscope is used.


I will forward all Door Access Requests to Vanderbilt Delta Operations via VUMC Plant Services within 24 - 48 hours. Your card will typically be activated in the system within 5 business days. If your card is not activated after 5 business days, please contact me. An email to a Delta administrator usually settles post-request problems very quickly.


Josh Luffman

Equipment and Resource Manager

Cell & Developmental Biology

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

U3202 MRB3 Biosciences Building

615-875-8372 (office)