Dry Ice

Located in U3202 MRB 3


*There is a minimum sale of one pound each time you withdraw dry ice. 90% of dry ice sublimates in ice chests which is why it is costly to keep around the lab.

Dry ice is kept in the equipment room (MRB 3, U3202) in a gray chest cooler next to the entrance. Shipments arrive Monday and Thursday. Extra blocks can be delivered for your lab, if needed.

If this dry ice chest is ever empty, please look for additional dry ice availability in the VBI Core's 6th, 7th and 8th floor autoclave rooms.

We have two extra gray chest freezers which are useful for transporting samples during freezer de-frostings. Advise the equipment manager if you wish to use a rolling cooler. They are located under the cabinet where the Typhoon phosphorimager sits.