Floor Model Ultracentrifuge Rotors

Location: U3202 MRB3


Available Rotors and Consumables

CDB maintains a wide variety of rotors for these devices. For some, we have duplicates. This provides the flexibility of having two users centrifuging with those rotors at the same time on our two ultras. Rotors are located on the shelves surrounding the Optima L-90K Ultracentrifuge. Click on the rotors below for more information about each of them. Please consult the Equipment and Resource Manager if you have any questions about which rotor to use.

The CDB Equipment Resource does not stock consumables (i.e., tubes) for you to use. And in some cases, we do not have every type of adapter for all of the different kinds of tubes and rotors. Click on the SW 32 TI rotor to see the variety of tubes available. For example, if you would like to use Thinwall konical Polyallomer 30 ml tubes (Item # 358126) in the SW32 Ti rotor, you will need the konical adapter (Item # 358156). The core did not order these adapters until October 2013 when a lab needed them. While CDB attempts to accomodate most needs, any purchases for items such as adapters are handled on a case-by-case basis. The selections on the Beckman website can be overwhelming at times. Click here for Beckman's tube and adapter webtool for choosing these items. Please consult with the Equipment and Resource Manager if you have questions about which consumables to order.


45 Ti (CE 103) - Fixed Angle, Titanium, 6 x 94 ml, 45,000 rpm, 235,000 x g

45 Ti rotor manual.pdf


50.2 Ti (CE 59) - Fixed Angle, Titanium, 12 x 39 ml

50.2 Ti (CE 102)

50_2 Ti rotor manual.pdf


55 Ti (CE 87) - Swinging Bucket, Titanium, 6 x 5 mL, 55,000 rpm, 368,000 x g

SW 55 Ti rotor manual.pdf


70 Ti (CE 88) - Fixed Angle, Titanium, 8 x 39 mL, 70,000 rpm, 504,000 x g

70 Ti Rotor Manual.pdf


70.1 Ti (CE 89) - Fixed Angle, Titanium, 12 x 13.5 mL, 70,000 rpm, 450,000 x g

70_1 Ti rotor manual.pdf


SW 28 Ti with adapters (CE 101)

SW 28 Ti rotor manual.pdf


SW 32 Ti with adapters (CE 86)

SW 32 Ti Rotor Manual.pdf



Surespin 630 with 17 ml adapters (CE 52) Swinging Bucket, Titanium, 6 x 17 mL, 30,000 rpm, 166,880 x g, Ø x L 16 x 102 mm

SureSpin 630 (17 ml) rotor Manual.pdf


TH 641 (CE 11) Swinging Bucket, Titanium, 6 x 13.2 mL, 41,000 rpm, 287,660 x g, Ø x L 14 x 89 mm

TH 641 (CE 51)

Th-641 rotor Manual.pdf


TH 660 (CE 12) Swinging Bucket, Titanium, 6 x 4.4 mL, 60,000 rpm, 488,576 x g, Ø x L 11 x 60 mm

TH 660 (CE 49)

Th-660 rotor Manual.pdf


T 1270 (CE 10)Fixed Angle, Titanium, 12 x 12.5 mL, 70,000 rpm, 448,811 x g, Ø x L 16 x 80 mm

T 1270 (CE 50)

T-1270 rotor manual.pdf


ThermoFisher (Exhaustive) Rotor Guide

If you would like to see the complete line of ThermoFisher Rotors, click here.

Thermo_Scientific_Rotor_Guide (Exhaustive).pdf