Need help finding a piece of equipment?

Identify the instrument you need from the list on each map. Then match the number of the equipment to its location on the map. You can even download the .pdf if you need it as a reference.


Don't see what you need in CDB? Check out The Vanderbilt Brain Institute's Equipment Resource Core. The VBI core maps are below, as well.


CDB Core Maps

3rd floor equipment map.jpg

3rd floor equipment map.pdf


4th floor equipment map.jpg

4th floor equipment map.pdf


111914_2nd floor equipment map.jpg

2nd floor equipment map.pdf


VBI Core Maps

6th Floor VBI Equipment Map.jpg

6th Floor VBI Equipment Map.pdf


121614_7th Floor VBI Equipment Map.jpg

7th Floor VBI Equipment Map.pdf


121614_8th Floor VBI Equipment Map.jpg

8th Floor VBI Equipment Map.pdf