Quantitation and Imaging

Quantitation and Imaging covers a variety of equipment with single-function and multi-functional capabilities. CDB has focused its efforts on building an inventory of instruments with superior quality and maximum sensitivity.

While all labs need the basic DNA and Coomassie documentation instruments, a lab's specialized needs can change overtime. You might be a frequent user of near-IR detection with the Odyssey but are finding that you need to become an expert in radioactive storage phosphorimaging for a new assay. You may be a lifelong film user but are finally ready to make the switch to an ultrasensitive chemiluminescent imager with a significantly greater linear range of detection. Or, you could have just discovered something new and realize that a quantitative PCR machine will be your new best friend.

Whatever the case, the CDB Equipment Core can provide you with instruments to fill your current quantitation and imaging needs. Or, we can give you the opportunity to investigate new ones.


LAS4000 Chemiluminescent & GFP CCD Imager (GE Healthcare)

FLA7000IP Typhoon Storage Phosphorimager (GE Healthcare)

Odyssey CLx 680/800 Near-IR Imager generating 24-bit TIFF data with latest version of ImageStudio (LICOR)

SRX 101A Film Processors (Konica)

GelDoc EZ (BioRad)

Ingenius3 GelDoc (Syngene)

Nanodrop 1000 (ThermoScientific)

Nanodrop 2000C (ThermoScientific)

Synergy HT Microtiter Platereader (BIO-TEK)

CFX96 qPCR Thermal Cycler (BioRad)

CFX96 - TOUCH qPCR Thermal Cycler (BioRad)

Z1 Particle Counter (Beckman Coulter)