Unassisted Office or Lab Moves

*Note: This information was received from Jean Lomax in the summer of 2013 to help guide our labs during the many lab moves we were experiencing.

This page provides information on what to do if you need to move your office and lab. The information below can be found on the Vanderbilt Office of Space and Facilities Planning website.


Office Moves FAQ.pdf

Lab Moves FAQ.pdf





What should I know about moving from one building to another?

Building Access

- Special routes & access can be discussed with Plant Services and the Departmental Administration

of areas which may be affected by the move traffic.

- In order to coordinate route access through MCN, VUH, and TVC, especially through patient care

areas, the Move Captain may contact VUMC Plant Services.

- It is important to contact the Administrators of patient care areas where movers will need access to

complete the move.

Plant Services: 3‐4443


How do I get my space cleaned?

To request a trash cart or cleaning of an area that you are moving into or out of call Environmental Services or

Facilities and Operations. There is normally no charge for cleaning Hospital, Clinic, and SOM areas. Special

requests to clean after construction may result in additional cost. This can be coordinated with

Environmental Services or Facilities and Operations. All items must be removed on the day of the move

or tagged for surplus. Floors must be cleared of all papers or other unwanted, unused, or discarded

items and ready for the next user.


Facilities & Operations ‐ 818‐4199 ‐ For MAB, Oxford House, all Clinic & Hospital Are

Environmental Services 26107 For PRB, RRB, LH, MRB III, MRBIV, MCN


Who do I contact about data port activation?

- It is the department’s responsibility to have the data ports activated. The IT professional assigned to

the department needs to submit a request to NCS to have the data ports activated. This request should

be made at least 1 month prior to the move or as soon as possible. NOTE: Please provide a floor plan

indicating location of data ports.

- Federal Law requires all computers be disposed of as hazardous waste due to heavy metals. This

includes monitors, hard drives, scanners, and keyboards. Contact your IT professional to wipe the

memory of your hard drive(s). A Plant Services Work Order is required for computers parts be picked

up as surplus.


What do I do about new furniture or existing furniture to be moved?

Assess the area into which you are moving

- Where will you place your large equipment and furnishings?

- Are electrical, phone, and data outlets where you need them?

- If you have a secured document destruction service (e.g. Cintas) contact them to move the



- Removal of toner cartridges is required to avoid spillage of toner within unit.

- Advise movers to be aware of orientation of certain office equipment while moving.

- Leased copiers should be moved by the vendor.

Modular Furniture

- The Apparatus Shop can disassemble and re‐assemble some modular furniture units.

- Sometimes the vendor who provided the furniture may need to install the furniture. If you are

unsure of which vendor to contact, Procurement Services can provide assistance. Cost estimates

should be obtained at the time that the scope and schedule for installation are discussed.

- It is important to plan where modular furniture will go so that electrical and data ports will not be



- VUMC Capital Equipment is tagged and must be tracked when it is relocated.

- The department that moves will be responsible for reporting Fixed Asset activity.

- Transfer and disposal of this equipment MUST be reported.

- Click HERE for instructions for CDB Labs.


How do I change my mail service?

Your department administrator will be responsible for notifying the post office of your address change.


What type of moving assistance is available?

- Requests for in house moves can be sent to VUMC Storage & Services through the work order system

or to Alexander’s Mobility – Contact Greg Hicks at (615) 512‐3640.

- Indicate if any items require disassembly prior to moving when you make your initial inquiry.

- If packing assistance is needed an “outside mover” will be necessary.

- The Logistics Planner (2‐4805) with Space & Facilities Planning can provide assistance with engaging an

outside mover.

- A department contact and a representative from the moving firm or VUMC Storage & Services should

evaluate the scope of the move a least 1 or 2 weeks in advance.


How do I prepare furniture & equipment for moving?

List and Diagram

- It is helpful to have a plan of the current and new space, as well as a list of furniture and equipment

to be moved.

- Assign IDs to furniture and equipment and put up signs with matching IDs to identify where

furniture and equipment will be placed.

- A floor plan with the room numbers showing where the furniture is to be delivered should be

available to movers.

- Make sure you measure all equipment carefully, check data ports, outlets, and voltage needed.

- If you use an outside moving company they can provide packing tape, boxes, and labels at least one

week prior to the move.


- Labels should be placed on equipment, furniture, and boxes.

- The floor plan should also include the layout of the furniture and equipment.

Special Requirements

- Please make movers aware of any special requirements.

- Determine if equipment must be brought into a room in specific order.


How do I dispose of unwanted equipment not being moved to new location?

Capital Equipment (Fixed Assets)

- This should be used to transmit equipment with asset tags or to document the transfer of


- Some equipment and furnishings may be transferred to another department.

- Procurement can provide additional information on this process.

All Other Items

- Furniture or equipment to be disposed of may be picked up by VU Storage and Services through

the work order system.

- Equipment with machine oil or coolant must be transmitted to Apparatus shop to be drained, prior

to disposal.

- The department that is moving will need to pay the charge for these services.


Apparatus Shop 22269

VUMC Storage & Services 64626


How do I transfer or change phone service?

Request for changes in Telephone or Fax service is submitted to ITS through eProcurement.

- This includes requests for new equipment, phone, and fax services.

NOTE: A floor plan indicating location of phones lines in new spaces is required.

- The account number used for ITS phone services (add/moves) is 61350.

- If the department that pays for monthly phone charges is not paying for the installation, please

indicate the center number being used to pay for installation is for “labor only.”

- Sometimes it is necessary to pull new cable and install new phone ports in order to initiate phone

service. ITS does not pull the cable. A request for new ports and cable needs to be made on a Plant

Services work order.


Essential Names & Phone Numbers


Logistics Planner:

Jean Lomax, office: 322‐4805, cell: 300‐2373 jean.lomax@vanderbilt.edu


Construction Coordinators:

Doug Kinsey 322‐2009 Terry Ralph 343‐8442



Contact ITS and use eProcurement to move or add phones.


Plumbing & Electrical Connects or Disconnects

Contact Plant Services and use a Plant Services “Work Order” to request plumbing services (gas, air, vac, water for equipment, ice makers), to install or change electrical outlets, or to move wallboards or distilled water systems. You may request an estimate of charges, if time allows. Use the 24 hour number for urgent needs.

- Plant Services 343‐4443

- Request for Repairs (24 hr) 322‐2041


Computer Moves

Contact your IT staff/LAN Mgr. directly to schedule computer moves and verify data port activation.


Mail Service

Please notify the Post Office as early as possible, about 6 weeks before your move is preferable, with name and location

change information. The post office requires this information be submitted online. For more detailed information, you may

call 322‐8761 or visit http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/copypost/hints.htm.


Moving Services

VUMC Apparatus Shop can provide limited moving services. The Apparatus Shop accepts 1180s and usually schedules moves

on Mon., Tue., and Wed. They will not provide packing supplies or packing services. Apparatus Shop 322‐2669

For more extensive moves that may exceed the scope provided in house moving contact Greg Hicks at Alexander’s Mobility.

They will provide an estimate, packing supplies, packing, and moving services. Alexander’s Mobility 512‐3640


Storage and Surplus Disposal

For storage or surplus disposal submit a work order for Moving and Storage Services. If your request requires disassembly

prior to moving additional coordination may be required. Moving and Storage Services 936‐4626


Federal Law requires all computers be disposed of as hazardous waste due to heavy metals, etc. This includes monitors, hard drives, scanners, keyboards. Contact your department IT/LAN Mgr. to prepare your computer for disposal.

Cleaning Services Contact Environmental Services for trash carts or cleaning of the area you are vacating or occupying. There is no charge for School of Medicine departments. Environmental Services 322‐6107 or for MAB, OH, Hospitals & Clinics 343‐1000


Capital Equipment Relocation

VU Capital Equipment is tagged and must be tracked when it is relocated. Departments will be responsible for reporting

“Fixed Asset Activity”. Transfer and disposal of this equipment must be reported. Equipment Inventory 322‐4882



Campus Traffic and Parking 322‐2554

Medical Center Parking and Transportation Services 936‐1215

If your entire medical center department is relocating please contact Bethany Rosen.


Lab Related Health and Safety Issues

For any issues concerning BSCs, Freezers, Lab Equipment contact Vanderbilt Environmental Health and Safety 322‐2057


Unassisted Office Move Checklist


Keys ‐ Submit Key Requisition (and work order as needed) to Plant Services.

Phones ‐ Submit eProcurement requisition at least 3 weeks prior to move.

Mail ‐ Submit and verify change in mailing address on‐line.

Visit http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/copypost/hints.htm for details.

Letterhead and Business Cards ‐ Do you need to order new ones?

Notify - vendors, UPS, Fed Ex, journal subscriptions, etc. of change of address.

Electrical Outlets – Contact Electrical Shop in Plant Services to review outlet needs. Submit work order if


Wall boards, coat racks – Submit wok order for these items to be moved 2‐3 weeks prior to move.

Computers –Your department should contact your LAN Manager/IT professional to schedule computer

moves. Your office is responsible for unplugging all computers from walls. Be sure to label each piece.

Packing Boxes and Supplies – Departments must supply packing materials unless they are provided by an

outside moving company.

Storage – Contact VUMC Moving and Storage. Stored by cost center. Submit work order for pick up.

Surplus ‐ Contact VUMC Moving and Storage. Submit work order for pick up.

Large Copiers – The department administrator should schedule the move with the service company if the

copier is leased from outside vendor.

Cleaning –Contact Environmental Services one day after your move to clean your old space.

Secure Document Destruction boxes – The department administrator will notify the company to move or

movers can move it. Make sure your vendor knows your new pick‐up location.

Equipment –VUMC Capital Equipment is tagged and must be tracked when it is relocated. Departments will

be responsible for reporting Fixed Asset Activity.