June 23, 2015

Good afternoon everyone, I have more good news to share:

Please join me in congratulating Ethan Lee and Matt Tyska on achieving full professor status effective July 1, 2015. Both Drs. Lee and Tyska received unanimous support from a vote of senior faculty in the department as well as approval of the promotion packages from the Promotion Committees within the School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University and Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos.  

Ethan Lee is known internationally as a leading scientist in the field of Wnt signaling.  An  exciting aspect of Dr. Lee’s work was highlighted by almost every nomination letter:  “It was Dr Lee’s work on Axin and CK1α function in particular that provided the insights for eventually discovering Wnt/β-catenin pathway-inhibiting drugs.”

Matt Tyska is making an impact on the international stage as his lab investigates how intestinal brush borders are assembled. As one nomination letter stated: “His studies of the organization, assembly, and function of brush border microvilli in the intestinal epithelium are truly innovative and have resulted in more than one paradigm shift in our understanding of the microvilli” and that these ”discoveries are so important that I expect that both will make their way into physiology, cell biology, gastroenterology, and medical textbooks over the next few years”.

I encourage you to offer your congratulations to Ethan and Matt!


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