Lillian B. Nanney, Ph.D.

Lillian B. Nanney, Ph.D.

Professor of Plastic Surgery

Professor of Medical Education and Administration

Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

S-2221 Medical Center North
(615) 322-7265

Mechanism of action of growth factors; growth factors in wound healing.

Research Description

The primary goal of the laboratory is to investigate cutaneous growth control mechanisms in the skin whether it be in wound healing settings where accelerated growth or regeneration is desired or whether it be in benign or neoplastic growth where growth inhibition is desired.

Our mechanistic wound healing studies are conducted primarily in porcine and mouse models but typically compared against the molecular events within human skin. We have expanded beyond our original focus of examining the role of ErbB receptors and related cytokines to a more global examination of the complex interplay of genes and proteins expressed in response to cutaneous injury and the subsequent events of wound repair. One goal is to elucidate the temporal sequence of human genes and proteins that are misregulated following injury and which lead to inflammatory perturbations and wound scarring and contracture. The ultimate goal is to discover pivotal molecules that can be either overexpressed or suppressed in the clinical quest to intervene and produce a more timely repair with a more regenerative and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Dr. Nanney also serves as the Director of Vanderbilt's Instituional Immunohistochemistry Core. She directs a team that is always testing new antisera and developing successful immunostaining working protocols that become immediately available to Vanderbilt's research community. The core also provides routine embedding and histological services for human and animal tissues.

Dr. Nanney is the founding Director of the Academy for Excellence in Education, established in 2006 with the School of Medicine.

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