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Association of Syndemic Unhealthy Alcohol Use, Cigarette Use, and Depression With All-Cause Mortality Among Adults Living With and Without HIV Infection: Veterans Aging Cohort Study


Chichetto NE , Kundu S , Freiberg MS , Butt AA , Crystal S , So-Armah KA , Cook RL , Braithwaite RS , Fiellin DA , Khan MR , Bryant KJ , Gaither JR , Barve SS , Crothers K , Bedimo RJ , Warner AL , Tindle HA , , . Open forum infectious diseases. 2019 5 16; 6(6). ofz188


Background: The prevalence and risk of concurrent unhealthy drinking, cigarette use, and depression on mortality among persons living with HIV (PLWH) is unclear. This study applied a syndemic framework to assess whether these co-occurring conditions increase mortality and whether such risk is differential by HIV status.

Methods: We evaluated 6721 participants (49.8% PLWH) without baseline cancer from the Veterans Aging Cohort Study, a prospective, observational cohort of PLWH and matched uninfected veterans enrolled in 2002 and followed through 2015. Multivariable Cox proportional hazards regressions estimated risk of a syndemic score (number of conditions: that is, unhealthy drinking, cigarette use, and depressive symptoms) on all-cause mortality by HIV status, adjusting for demographic, health status, and HIV-related factors.

Results: Fewer than 10% of participants had no conditions; 25.6% had 1, 51.0% had 2, and 15.0% had all 3. There were 1747 deaths (61.9% PLWH) during the median follow-up (11.4 years). Overall, age-adjusted mortality rates/1000 person-years increased with a greater number of conditions: (0: 12.0; 1: 21.2; 2: 30.4; 3: 36.3). For 3 conditions, the adjusted hazard ratio of mortality was 36% higher among PLWH compared with uninfected participants with 3 conditions (95% confidence interval, 1.07-1.72; = .013), after adjusting for health status and HIV disease progression. Among PLWH and uninfected participants, mortality risk persisted after adjustment for time-updated health status.

Conclusions: Syndemic unhealthy drinking, cigarette use, and depression are common and are associated with higher mortality risk among PLWH, underscoring the need to screen for and treat these conditions.