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Dbp5 associates with RNA-bound Mex67 and Nab2 and its localization at the nuclear pore complex is sufficient for mRNP export and cell viability


Adams RL , Wente SR , . PLoS genetics. 2020 10 1; 16(10). e1009033


In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the mRNA export receptor Mex67 is recruited to mature nuclear transcripts to mediate mRNA export through the nuclear pore complex (NPC) to the cytoplasm. Mex67 binds transcripts through adaptor proteins such as the poly(A) binding protein Nab2. When a transcript reaches the cytoplasmic face of the NPC, the DEAD-box protein Dbp5 acts to induce a local structural change to release Nab2 and Mex67 in an essential process termed mRNP remodeling. It is unknown how certain proteins (Nab2, Mex67) are released during Dbp5-mediated mRNP remodeling, whereas others remain associated. Here, we demonstrate that Dbp5 associates in close proximity with Mex67 and Nab2 in a cellular complex. Further, fusion of Dbp5 to Nup159 anchors Dbp5 at the cytoplasmic face of the NPC and is sufficient for cell viability. Thus, we speculate that the essential role of Dbp5 in remodeling exporting mRNPs requires its localization to the NPC and is separable from other subcellular functions of Dbp5. This work supports a model where the diverse nuclear, cytoplasmic and NPC functions of Dbp5 in the mRNA lifecycle are not interdependent and that Dbp5 is locally recruited through complex protein-protein interactions to select regions of transcripts for specific removal of transport proteins at the NPC.