• Walsh AJ, Cook RS, Skala MC. Functional Optical Imaging of Primary Human Tumor Organoids for Personalized Drug Screens. Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine. 2017 Jun 6. PMID: 28588148 [PubMed].


Primary tumor organoids are a robust model of individual human cancers and present a unique platform for patient-specific drug testing. Optical imaging is uniquely suited to assess organoid function and behavior due to its subcellular resolution, penetration depth through the entire organoid, and functional endpoints. Specifically, optical metabolic imaging (OMI) is highly sensitive to drug response in organoids, and OMI in tumor organoids correlates with primary tumor drug response. Therefore, an OMI-organoid drug screen could enable accurate testing of drug response for individualized cancer treatment. The objective of this perspective is to introduce OMI and tumor organoids to a general audience, to foster the adoption of these techniques in diverse clinical and laboratory settings.