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High-throughput drug screening of fine-needle aspiration-derived cancer organoids


Bergdorf K , Phifer C , Bharti V , Westover D , Bauer J , Vilgelm A , Lee E , Weiss V , . STAR protocols. 2020 12 16; 1(3). 100212


Generation of fine-needle aspiration (FNA)-derived cancer organoids has allowed us to develop a number of downstream applications. In this protocol, we start with organoids cultured in a semi-solid format. We dissociate organoids into single cells and then plate in a 384-well format for high-throughput drug screening. While this method must be fine-tuned for each individual organoid culture, it offers a format well suited for rapidly screening medium-sized drug/compound libraries (500-5,000 molecules) and generating dose-response curves to measure relative efficacy. For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Lee et al. (2020) and Vilgelm et al. (2020).