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Student Travel Guidelines

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Student Travel Guidelines


In order to facilitate student travel, the BRET office has developed guidelines to help students navigate the process of planning a trip and getting reimbursed for the expenses associated with the travel. Students in all of the graduate programs are expected to follow these guidelines. By following these expectations and guidelines, students’ needs will be met in the most efficient manner.

Note that the Graduate School offers travel grants to help offset the cost of student travel.

• Graduate Student Travel Grants to Present Research cover up to $500 per budget year (July 1- June 30). Students are allowed a total of three travel grants during their entire graduate career at Vanderbilt.
• Graduate Leadership Institute (GLI) Travel Grants provide up to $1000 of support for professional development that would not be commonly funded by a research  grant.
• Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel Grants cover up to $500 for travel expenses related to attending conferences or workshops. To qualify, students must be  active members of the GSC.

Student travel is handled by Aaron Howard (615-875-9050) in the BRET office. He is located in 340 Light Hall.

**NEW**   Note that CDB also offers travel grants to help offset the cost of student travel.

• Student requests the travel grant award from  DGS, Andrea Page-McCaw or Chair, Ian Macara and meet the criteria of either presenting a poster or talk.
• Intended for CDB Graduate Students in primary faculty labs only.
• The maximum travel grant award provided will be a one-time grant of $500 / per student.
• Maximum of 10 travel grant awards will be awarded each fiscal year; one student per lab/year.