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Conference Rooms

CDB conference room scheduling instructions have been updated. Primary Faculty, Lab Managers and CDB administrative staff have privilege to reserve rooms, please include your name and contact information for any reservations made. The best option for you may be through Outlook room resources.  Generally, you will only be able to create and modify your own entries; however administrative staff are able to alter other reservations. Please see Kristi Hargrove, Susan Walker or Carol Johnson. In all cases, course and student priorities need to be preserved, and please allow 15 minutes padding before and after classes.

3131 MRBIII (capacity up to 65)
3136 MRBIII (capacity up to 14)
4131 MRBIII (capacity up to 24)

How do I schedule a room?

Conference room scheduling can be done with or without Microsoft Outlook. Please follow the instructions below to schedule rooms based on the calendar program you personally use, and please include your name and contact information for any reservations made.  (Note: If you experience difficulty with a link, try a different browser, or copy and paste it into directly your browser’s web address field.)

Instructions for Outlook Room Resources

The hyperlinks shown below will allow you to access Outlook Room Resources: select the desired room number, and log-in with your VU ID. Find the scheduling assistant tab to search for available times. Booked times will be displayed.  Links are optimized for Safari or Internet Explorer.

•    3131 MRB III
•    3136 MRB III
•    4131 MRB III
•    T2208 MCN

Instructions for iCal Users

Only iCal users should use these links, which are optimized for Safari. Using iCal you can send meeting requests and tasks to other Internet users via email, or share files with the extension “.ics”.  Open iCal before clicking on the following links.

•    3131  for iCal users
•    3136  for iCal users
•    4131  for iCal users

Instructions for Outlook Users – Mac and PC

In Outlook add the desired conference room at the bottom of the page if you have not made an appointment before. Add the calendar by looking it up in the Global address book. The rooms will have these names: CDB 3131, CDB 4131, CDB 3136. Select the room and press the resource button to add this room for future scheduling. You can now select this room in the scheduling assistant by checking the box next to it.