PHS Facilities



  • Resourced with top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment, each of our twelve exam rooms also incorporates a networked IT system, a pair of ceiling mounted pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and two microphones.
  • Exam room cameras and microphones digitally capture the sight and sounds of every scheduled encounter, recording each one in the B-line Medical system for subsequent access and review by learner and authorized faculty.
  • Learners access our facility through a central corridor. Through one-way mirrors in this corridor or via closed circuit video in adjacent observation room, faculty members discretely observe the learner/SP encounter.  Dedicated hallway computers allow learners to fulfill post encounter paperwork, view digital images, and order simulated lab tests.
  • On-site conference and student orientation rooms—equipped with high definition touch screen presentation monitors—support project reviews, didactic sessions, and debriefings, as well as real-time feedback and assessment from facilitators, preceptors, and faculty.