Program Elements



  • Updated facilities to support the full spectrum of clinical domains and activities
  • A sophisticated standardized patient (SP) program supporting basic and advanced clinical skills training for all types of clinicians, from novices to community practitioners
  • High fidelity patient simulations, utilizing latest generation simulators and dynamic educational technology
  • Integrated virtual and mixed reality simulators utilizing partial task trainers for arthroscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy, bronchoscopy, and central vascular interventions
  • Specialized computer-based educational software
  • Close collaboration of technically based simulation and the SP program, in a mutually supportive center
  • Interdisciplinary alliance of faculty and staff to foster CELA’s mission and goals
  • Cooperative partnership between VUMC (e.g., Learning Center, Informatics Center, School of Nursing) and the general campus (e.g., College of Education)
  • A research component to advance faculty career development and VUMC's strategic plan

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