SAS Facilities

SAS offers several Learning Labs of various sizes to meet the stated requirements and objectives of a specific teaching-learning encounter.  A small lab for three or four students and an instructor insures individualized, close-encounter observation and hands-on experiences.


Another of the Learning labs accommodates learning groups of a dozen or so…


While the largest of the Learning Labs provides place for up to forty people.




Gross Anatomy Lab

The SAS Gross Anatomy Lab occupies the entire tenth floor of the Vanderbilt Imaging Building, resourced with the latest information and audio-visual technologies to optimize experiential learning experiences.  Elevators usher students, instructors, and visitors to a foyer on the tenth floor, where they access male and female dressing rooms.  Either entirely open or partitioned by moveable white boards into smaller work areas, this versatile and thoroughly modern lab provides twenty-seven workstations, each equipped with two mounted lights, cameras, and a 37” high-definition monitor, driven by a tethered iPad.  By raising the monitors out of the way, the room becomes truly multi-functional.



Instructors and students may utilize two demonstration areas, equipped with observation risers, 70” monitors, surgical lighting, and high-definition digital cameras. To include an oversized gallery of observers, facilitators can air the demonstrations to all the monitors in the lab, via closed circuit channels.

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