SAS Usage Request Forms

To Request Use of the SAS Facility

Please use the SAS Request Form to inform SAS of specific lab needs and desired use of the SAS facilities. When completed, click "submit" at the bottom of the form to forward the request to the SAS Skills team for review.  Expect an emailed confirmation of your reservation within 1-2 business days.

Contact SAS for a one-on-one consultation before or after electronic submission of the request form.  SAS endeavors to customize services to the unique training needs of specific learners or researchers. Course Directors must delineate the course learning objectives and attach them to the SAS Request Form.  For assistance in the design and assessment aspects of your specific learning activities, please contact Dr. Jim Bills, CELA Educational Manager at (615) 936-0143 or email   

Upon confirmation of your reservation to use the SAS facility, you will be supplied with directions to access the facilities, specific instructions, inquiry about the details of specific equipment setup, and reminders that all users are expected to adhere to HIPPA guidelines.

SAS Request Form - If you have problems with the link, please cut and paste the following URL into your browser: 


If questions arise when completing the work order form, please contact Jason Ridley, Anatomy Lab Operations Manager at (615) 343-5009 or email


Compliance with SAS Lab Procedure Rules

SAS expects course directors to expressly communicate lab policies and procedures to all group participants.  All lab users must comply with the lab procedure rules outlined in the form the Lab Manager sends when confirming the requested course.

Course Directors must identify the learning objectives when completing the course request form, and they should supply learners a copy of these specific learning outcomes.

Upon completion of the Course, course directors and participants will receive a request to complete a short evaluation survey. This feedback will assist the SAS team as we seek to implement continual quality improvement measures.