Early Matches

Ophthalmology & Urology

The specialties of ophthalmology and urology have their own programs to match senior medical students to second-year residency positions in these fields. In addition, students entering these specialties must secure first-year positions in medicine, surgery, or transitional programs through the NRMP. Application procedures for these matches are similar to those for the NRMP but generally precede the NRMP calendar by one to two months and require a separate registration fee. If you are considering these choices, identify yourself to your advisor early.  Specifics about these early matches are located at the websites below.

San Francisco Match (Ophthalmology)


San Francisco Match 2015-2016 Calendar


AUA Urology and Specialty Match


Matches in the Military



Students with military obligations must ascertain the deadline for their military match. Generally, all branches of the service forward the necessary information and paperwork to students in late summer.

Military students should register with the NRMP although they are required to participate in the military match. After the military match results are announced in December, students who matched in military residency programs must see Katherine Anderson to withdraw from the NRMP (sorry, your registration fee will not be refunded). Students who request and receive a deferment will continue to follow the steps for pursuing a civilian match.

For students who do match in military residency programs, shipment of your household goods will be accomplished at government expense. Your orders will likely direct you to contact the transportation office at the closest military base, post, or station. You may contact the Fort Campbell Transportation Office at, (502) 798-7151, to initiate this process.