Med-Peds is a shortened term for "Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics".  Med-Peds physicians complete an integrated 4-year residency program combining two residencies and specialties - Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Over 4 years, 24 months of training are completed in each specialty. Med-Peds residency graduates then qualify to take boards in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Med-Peds physicians enjoy a breadth and depth of knowledge in both these disciplines that allows them to have the versatility to care for families and individuals in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings - from newborns to geriatric patients.  Med-Peds prepares a physician well for private practice, academic medicine, hospitalist programs, and fellowships.

While Med-Peds residency provides exceptional training for Primary Care, Med-Peds training also leaves open the option of pursuing a subspecialty in either Internal Medicine or Pediatrics or both (e.g. Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Women’s Health, Sports Medicine, etc). This allows over 20 fellowship possibilities for graduates as well as Primary Care and Hospitalist Medicine.  Note that while Med-Peds training provides comprehensive primary care, it differs both structurally and philosophically from Family Medicine.

The Vanderbilt Med-Peds Interest Group serves to inform and engage medical students interested in pursuing a career in primary care. Through interactive panels, small group discussions, dinners, research and shadowing opportunities, the Med-Peds Interest Group seeks to demonstrate the breadth and depth of this dynamic and diverse field of medicine.  Med-Peds is a versatile, exciting and fulfilling career choice that we hope you will consider!

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2013 Match -

In 2013, 77 Med-Peds programs participated in the Match (unchanged since 2011). A total of 366 positions were offered, which represents a modest increase compared to 2012 (362). The total number of candidates applying to Med-Peds substantially increased to 603 from 560 in 2012. Of the candidates,391 U.S. seniors comprised the applicant pool. The outcome of the Match was outstanding. Of the 366 positions offered, 363 were filled in the regular match (3 unfilled positions), yielding an overall fill rate of 99.2%.

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