Orthopaedic Surgery

​Orthopaedic surgery is both highly specialized and has broad implementation. It serves patients of all ages, from the cradle to the grave, over the entirety of their body. Musculoskeletal pathology affects people of all walks of life. Being one of the most unique specialties, it allows for surgical and non-surgical management of bone and joint pathology. Mending a child’s fracture, performing spine surgery, treating athletes, replacing a hip... in today’s landscape of rapidly changing healthcare delivery, there will always be a need for orthopaedics. Our interest group serves Vanderbilt medical students in developing and cultivating their interest in the field of orthopaedics. We want to create a forum for discussion about the field, foster mentoring, and stimulate interest in the specialty.


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Orthopedic Surgery AAMC CiM

Joe Wick (joseph.b.wick@vanderbilt.edu)
Lou Posey (samuel.l.posey@vanderbilt.edu)
Daniel Hong (Daniel.y.hong@vanderbilt.edu)

Faculty Advisor and VUMC Residency Director:
Ginger Holt

Megan Mignemi

Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program website

VUMC Faculty to Contact:
VMS students have recommended these faculty members as great contacts for career info, shadowing experiences, and research opportunities

William T. Obremskey (william.obremskey@Vanderbilt.Edu)
A. Alex Jahangir (alex.jahangir@Vanderbilt.Edu)
Manish K. Sethi (manish.k.sethi@Vanderbilt.Edu)
Kristin Archer (kristin.a.swygert@vanderbilt.edu)
Clint Devin (clinton.j.devin@Vanderbilt.Edu)
Jonathan Schoenecker (jon.schoenecker@vanderbilt.edu)