Pediatricians focus on the physical, emotional, and social health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults from birth to 21 years. Developmentally oriented and trained in skilled assessment, their patient-care lens is focused on prevention, detection, and management of physical, behavioral, developmental, and social problems that affect children. Pediatricians diagnose and treat infections, injuries, and many types of organic disease and dysfunction. They work to reduce infant and child mortality, foster healthy lifestyles, and ease the day-to-day difficulties of those with chronic conditions. With structured evaluation and early intervention, pediatricians identify and address developmental and behavioral problems that result from exposure to psychosocial stressors. They appreciate the vulnerability of childhood and adolescence, and actively advocate for measures to protect their health and safety.  General pediatrics is a multifaceted 3-year residency tract which afford students an opportunity to enter primary care, or a variety of fascinating specialties.

The Pediatrics Interest Group (P.I.G.) aims to help introduce pre-clinical and clinical students to the wonderful field of pediatrics! We are very fortunate to have a wealth of engaging residents and faculty involved with our group who are committed to helping students learn more and fall in love with peds!

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The annual salary for pediatricians ranges on average from $160,111 to $228,750.20 (AAMC Specialty Information: Pediatrics)

Avg Step 1: 226

Avg Step 2: 241

% AOA: 12.9%

Avg number of abstracts, presentations, or publications: 3 (NRMP 2014 Charting Outcomes in the Match)

Julia Pitkin (
Chelsea Lawson (


Faculty Advisor:
Drs. Travis Crook and Maya Neeley 

VUMC Residency Director:

VUMC Faculty to Contact:
VMS students have recommended these faculty members as great contacts for career info, shadowing experiences, and research opportunities

Dr. Tyler Reimschisel - Associate Residency Director (
Dr. Whitney Browning- Associate Residency Director
Dr. Thomas Doyle - Peds Cardiology (
Dr. Kathryn Edwards - Infectious Diseases (
Dr. Amy Fleming - Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs (
Dr. Geoffery Fleming - Pediatric Critical Care (
Dr. Paul Hain - Hospitalist (
Dr. Tray Hunley - Nephrology (
Dr. Jennifer Najjar - Endocrinology (
Dr. Kris Rehm - Hospitalist (
Dr. Jayant Shenai - Neonatology (
Dr. Paige Smith - Hospitalist (

Dr. Gina Whitney - Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology (
Dr. Aida Yared - General Pediatrics/Nephrology (

American Academy of Pediatrics -