Psychiatry is the study of functional disorders of the human brain and how they may be diagnosed, assessed, and treated.  More than any other medical specialty, psychiatry carries with it the responsibility of understanding the biological, psychological, and social factors influencing individual behavior and expression of disease.  The practice of psychiatry is constantly evolving as new discoveries in the realm of neuroscience advance our understanding of the brain and its disease states every day. This rapid pace of advancement has become a hallmark of modern psychiatry and promises to make this field one of the most exciting to be a part.  

The Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIG) seeks to:

  • Stimulate discussion and provide education in topics in psychiatry for all students.
  • Stimulate student interest in psychiatry as a specialty choice.
  • Provide guidance to students interested in specializing in psychiatry.

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Jason Gandelman, VMS III/MBA (

Amalie Chen, VMS III (

Faculty Advisor:

Stephan Heckers (stephan.heckers@Vanderbilt.Edu)


VUMC Residency Director:

Ronald Cowan (


VUSM Medical Student Clerkship Director:

Terako Amison (


VUMC Faculty to Contact:
VMS students have recommended these faculty members as great contacts for career info, shadowing experiences, and research opportunities

• Adult Psychosis: Stephan Heckers, Nathaniel Clark

• Adult Mood: Jeffrey Stovall, Terako Amison

• Adult Emergency and Consults: Amanda Wilson, Stephen Nicolson, Ama Rowe

• Child and Adolescent: Edwin Williamson, Kevin Sanders, Todd Peters, Oliver Stroeh, Nicole Franklin