The Radiology Interest Group seeks to foster interest in the field of Radiology and provide advice to those pursuing a career in this cutting-edge occupation. RIG organizes events that aim to clarify what Radiology is, what the various imaging specialties are, and to guide those applying to residencies in this field. Most importantly, these events also grant medical students the opportunity to meet and engage with radiology faculty and residents.

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AAMC CiM - Radiology

Carolyn Scott (
Jennifer Huang (

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Edwin Donnelly (

VUMC Residency Director:
Dr. Edwin Donnelly (

VUMC Faculty to Contact:
VMS students have recommended these faculty members as great contacts for career info, shadowing experiences, and research opportunities

Rick Abramson (body/CT):
Art Fleischer (ultrasound): arthur.fleischer@Vanderbilt.Edu
Megan Strother (neuro): megan.strother@Vanderbilt.Edu