VMS I-IV Workshops

Personalizing your MD: Global, Research and Dual Degree opportunities - Dr. Andrew Pfeffer will provide an introduction to the variety of dual degree and year out programs available to Vanderbilt students. Come learn more about all the exciting options that will help you customize your training. Your MD can be as unique as you are! This presentation will provide a survey of options, program requirements, timelines, and contacts for each of the many opportunities. A panel of VMS IV students will be present to answer questions about the programs they have completed.
Date: September 2017 TBD

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VMS III Specific Workshops

Away Rotations/VSAS – Melissa Carro from the enrollment office will go over the VSAS process for away rotation applications. VMS IV students who completed away rotations will also be present to offer advice about the process
Date: November 2016

Introduction to Match - Dean Fleming conducts a question/answer session aimed at providing basic information on the residency application process. She will answer any questions for the third year class as they begin to think about the application process.
Date: February 2017

Preparing for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination - Dr. Beth Ann Yakes leads a session which describes the content and process of the Step 2 CS exam.  Utilizing a standardized patient, she then demonstrates taking a history and performing a physical exam.
Date: November 2016
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Download: Dr. Beth Ann Yakes' Step 2 CS PowerPoint Presentation 

Mock Interview/CV Workshop - Dr. Michael Pilla offers ideas on preparing your CV.  During this session Dr. Pilla will present a "how to" for CV prep to assist as you prepare your CV for away rotations and residency applications. 
Date: May 2017
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Optimizing your Personal Statement - Dr. Ban Mishu Allos conducts a session on writing a personal statement. She pays close attention to recommended content and style, allowing for individualization, but also adhering to standards.  
Date: May 2017
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Download: Dr. Allos' Optimizing Personal Statements PowerPoint Presentation

VMS IV Specific Workshops

ERAS - Katherine Anderson, Student Affairs, walks through the ERAS system and application process, discusses MSPE's, provides helpful hints; etc. 
ERAS Workshop PowerPoint Presentation 
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How to Pack for Interviews/Residency and Modern American Healthcare - Emily Korab gives a practical talk on what and how to pack for interviews. You will learn these time-tested tips---including how to fold your interview clothes wrinkle-free! Then, Tate Andres, MD, PGY-2 anesthesiology resident, will deliver a talk on the structure of GME in the United States, a topic about which medical students and residents are unfortunately uninformed. How do you fit in as a residency applicant, student, and employee of one of today's most critical and controversial political issues? Learn about the structure and funding of residency programs and what's really worth asking on interviews.
Date: September 19, 2017 
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Residency Interviewing - Dean Donald Brady invites program directors from multiple specialties at Vanderbilt to join him in a panel discussion related to interviewing for residency positions.  He will cover a variety of topics and take questions from the students throughout. This workshop is not set up on media site.
Date: September 26, 2017 

Creating a Rank Order List - Dean Amy Fleming leads the senior class in a discussion of creating a rank order list for the NRMP.  She covers the basics of the process and also delves into the appropriate ways to communicate with programs in which students have an interest. 
Date: January 2018, TBD
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