Vanderbilt University School of Medicine takes pride in its identity as a school focused on the individual learning experience and the well-being of its students. The curriculum is rigorous and demanding, and the students work very hard and excel at the highest possible level. At the same time, the students are supported - academically and emotionally - through an outstanding Colleges Program led by deeply committed Mentors who keep the needs of the students uppermost in their minds.

The Colleges are one of the many reasons for Vanderbilt's success in producing satisfied, happy, and well-balanced students who love their life in medicine. In addition to many events throughout the year including the College Cup, Wellness Retreats, Pumpkin Carving, and the Shade Tree Trot (a charity event for the student-run free health clinic), the College Mentors provide students with individual counseling and assist them in finding success in medical school.


College Reveal - Orientation 2017

College Reveal 2017