Batson Student Affiliate Advisors

  • Katy Anthony

    Alma Mater: Notre Dame

    Professional Interests: Family medicine, healthcare disparities, community & global health

    Extracurricular Interests: Running; outdoor fun (hiking, camping, rock climbing); speaking Spanish & eating tacos, tortas, and lots of pan dulce​

    Other info: I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania and came straight to Nashville from Notre Dame. Nashville’s the first true city I’ve lived in and the traffic still terrifies me. I studied abroad in Mexico as an undergrad and am excited to spend a few months in Honduras as a third year. I love being part of Batson and am excited for a great year!

  • Melissa Day

    Alma Mater: Duke University

    Professional Interests: Pediatrics, hematology/oncology, cancer genetics

    Extracurricular interests/activities: Cooking/baking, trying new restaurants in Nashville, hiking, listening to live music

    Other info: I’ve had an interest in pediatric hematology/oncology since high school, and I hope to pursue a year-out research program to do research in sickle cell disease. I went straight through from college to medical school. I’m from North Carolina.

  • Jocelyn Gandelman

    Alma Mater: Cornell University

    Professional Interests: Dermatology, Pediatrics, Immunology

    Extracurricular Interests: traveling, foodie, exploring Nashville, skiing, spending time with family, learning Spanish 

    Other Info: I am originally from Long Island, New York and started medical school right after Undergrad. On one of the first days of medical school I met my now husband and fellow med student, Jason. I am taking a year-out for research on Graft-versus-host disease through the Vanderbilt Medical Scholars program.  I’m looking forward to meeting the new class and am always happy to meet!

  • Stephanie Hadley

    Alma Mater: Harvard

    Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Medical Education, Global Health

    Extracurricular Interests: Wellness Committee, Second Look Weekend, Shade Tree Trot, soccer, hiking, traveling

    Other Info: I grew up in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and am a huge Boston sports fan! I’ve loved exploring Nashville’s parks, restaurants, and breweries, and escaping New England winters. I can’t wait to meet you all!

  • Pritha Multani

    Alma Mater: UC San Diego

    Professional Interests: Hematology/Oncology (leaning towards peds more than adult), Combating health disparities

    Extracurricular Interests: Dancing, listening to Drake's latest album, eating things with chocolate and cinnamon

    Other info: This is my first time living outside Southern California. I miss it a lot, so I do talk about it too much sometimes! All the other students and faculty have made the transition so easy. I hope that I can do that for other incoming students too.

  • Julia Pitkin

    I came to Nashville from Boulder, Colorado by way of Pomona College in Southern California where I picked up a degree in environmental analysis.  I love hiking and bar trivia, and I’m always down for Nashville adventures, especially of the culinary variety.  My interests include public health, pediatrics, and all thing phoenix.  

  • Shayan Rakhit

    Alma Mater: Princeton University

    Professional Interests: Trauma, critical care, public health

    Extracurricular Interests: Travel, food, sports, movies, history

    Other info: I mostly grew up outside Atlanta so I consider myself a Southerner but I’ve spent a lot of time outside the South. Prior to medical school, I worked for a municipal EMS agency in New Jersey, so they’ve trusted me with several large vehicles with lights and sirens, and I took a year off before medical school working for the administration of a community health center. I’m interested in trauma and surgical critical care, and I’m very interested in the connection between the bedside and larger societal trends. I love traveling to new places, cooking food and eating food of both the high and low-brow variety, and Ivy League basketball - especially my Princeton Tigers.

  • Patton Robinette

    Alma Mater: Vanderbilt

    Professional Interests: I hope to practice as an orthopedic surgeon with an emphasis on sports medicine. My passion lies in injury prevention and helping athletes get back to their baseline safely and quickly. I also have an interest in musculoskeletal radiology.

    Other info: If I’m not in the hospital or studying, you can usually find me fly-fishing at a local pond or on the river. I’ve been known to spend most of my money at local fly shops. My fiancé, Miller, and our golden retriever Darwin love getting outdoors, discovering great places to eat in Nashville, watching the Preds at Bridgestone, and cheering on the Commodores as they beat Tennessee (Anchor Down!).

  • Pranav Santapuram

    Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University

    Professional Interests: Internal Medicine and/or Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

    Extracurricular Interest: Cooking, Kentucky Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong

    Other info: I grew up in rural Kentucky and moved to Nashville when I was 18 for college. I have loved Nashville and enjoyed seeing it grow into the city it is now. I went straight from college to medical school and now I am deciding between medicine and pediatrics hoping to eventually pursue hematology/oncology. 

  • Brittany Schneider

    Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University

    Professional Interests: I am applying into Child Neurology; I am not sure if I will further specialize but I am interested in neuroimmunology like pediatric MS, autoimmune encephalitis, etc. I am involved in admissions/accepted student liaison through the Ambassadors Council and really enjoy mentoring students in general (I have also mentored undergraduate pre-medical students). 

    Extracurricular: Travel/outdoors, cooking, crafty home projects

    Other Info: I am from CT originally but have been in Nashville since 2008 (other than one year in California) and love the South! I got married this spring to someone outside of medicine and we have a Jack Russell Terrier mix named Sadie.