Chapman Student Affiliate Advisors

  • Jon Alverio

    Alma Mater: Yale

    Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics

    Extracurricular interests: Techno music, surfing, hiking, getting out and traveling as often as I can, and the Detroit Lions (this is our year!)

    Other info: I’m a first-generation Puerto Rican born and raised outside of Detroit. It’s worth repeating that I LOVE minimalist techno music, and I love traveling to listen to excellent techno all over the world. I lived in Boston after college and the highlight was definitely going to more than 30 Red Sox games in the fall of 2013. I spend a significant amount of time each week convincing my girlfriend that we do not need a small dog. I have a hipster album cover but no indie rock album.

  • Parker Evans

    Alma Mater:​ University of Georgia​

    Professional Interests:​ General Surgery​

    Extracurricular Interest:​ Shade Tree Clinic, Honor Council, Shade Tree Trot, Ultimate Frisbee; Hobbies: backpacking, reading, woodworking, pool, college football​

    Other info:​ I am a Franklin, Tennessee, local who has come home after four years at UGA (Go Dawgs!)​. I've wanted to be a physician for as long as I can remember, and I couldn't be in a better place to learn how to be one. Go Dragons!

  • Jaqueline Harris

    Alma Mater: Georgia Tech

    Professional Interests: Otolaryngology (ENT), Global Health

    Extracurricular Interest: Old Hollywood Movies, Latin and Hip Hop Dance, Cooking

    Other info: I collect penguin memorabilia! 

  • TImothy Hooper

    Alma Mater: Harvard

    Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Neurology, Emergency Medicine 

    Extracurricular Interest: soccer, swing dancing, pub trivia, table tennis, regular tennis

    Other info: I’m a native of Jackson, Mississippi who loves to stay active, whether it’s playing sports, going hiking, hanging out with friends, or spending way too much time making Cadaver Ball videos. 

  • Tanya Marvi

    Alma Mater: Washington University in St. Louis

    Professional Interests: Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, Clinical Research

    Extracurricular Interests: Being Outdoors, Playing Sports, Eating Chocolate

    Other Info: I grew up in Colorado with a very big and tight-knit family. I started medical school with a goal of remaining open-minded about all of the specialties. I have been arguably too successful at that considering that I’m still very undecided, but I’m excited to have one more year to continue exploring!

  • Doug Pet

    Alma Mater: Tufts and the New England Conservatory of Music

    Professional interests: Neurology, Internal Medicine, Biomedical ethics, genetic/genomic ethics 

    Extracurricular interests: JAZZ, film, hikes, woodworking, Raquetball, trees, ethnic food and cooking

    Other info: Took 3.5 years off after college -- worked as a musician before moving out to SF to work in the ethics and advocacy related to genetics and reproductive tech. Have lived in Vienna and Buenos Aires and hope to travel much more. Love teaching and love being taught.  

  • Krishnan Ramanujan‬

    Alma Mater: Harvard‬

    ‪Professional Interests: Anesthesiology, Medical Education‬

    ‪Extracurricular Interests: All things social, Careers in Medicine, VMS Dance‬

    ‪Other Info: I'm really into trivia (although I'm not very good at it). I'm also really into EDM (and really good at listening to it).‬

  • Anne Sun

    Alma Mater: Washington University in St. Louis

    Professional Interests: Otolaryngology, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Education

    Extracurricular Interest: Traveling, Binge watching Netflix, Reading, Ice skating

    Other info: Grew up in Vancouver, Canada (aka the most beautiful city on earth). Hopped across the border for undergrad, where I majored in neuroscience and was drawn to the charm of the south for medical school.  Major accomplishments: quotes all of Harry Potter, fluent in Friends and Scrubs, player of Christmas music year-round.  Goals for coming years: welcome new Chapmans with open arms, learn  to swim (was told this is a life skill), adopt a puppy!

  • Johnny Wei

    Alma Mater: Duke University

    Professional Interests: Anesthesiology, Chronic Pain, Bioethics, Healthcare law

    Extracurricular Interests: Trivia, Duke Basketball, Alabama Football, Latin Dancing, Pan-Asian food

    Other Info: Born in Northeast China, but have lived in Japan, St. Louis, and Birmingham. Went straight through from college to medical school. Proud to root for two of the most successful yet despised collegiate athletic programs in the country. I love avocados but they do not belong in sushi rolls. Dragons fly together!

  • Rochelle Wong

    Alma Mater: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

    Professional Interests: Internal Medicine, Quality Improvement

    Extracurricular Interest: Cooking with Tasty, VMS Dance, Radial Grooves

    Other info: Being born and raised in California, this is my first time living in another state and I could not have picked a better place than Nashville! With its hot chicken, Southern hospitality, hiking trails nearby, and much more, it's a place I could not pass up. Besides, Nashville traffic does not even compare to LA traffic!