Robinson Student Affiliate Advisors

  • Alex Arambula

    Alma Mater: The University of Texas at Austin

    Professional Interests: ENT, Bioethics

    Extracurricular Interest: Exercise (e.g., barre, Jillian Michaels videos), golf, cooking/baking, dance (especially Latin), wine tasting, watching movies

    Other info: I’m from San Antonio and have an older brother and sister and a younger brother. I spent 5 years at UT studying Biomedical Engineering and Plan II (a multidisciplinary program/major) and came directly to Vandy for medical school. I enjoy staying active, trying new restaurants, hanging out/playing games with friends, and listening to music. I’m also a huge fan of rom coms and psychological thrillers, and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie/book. I’m excited to be an SAA this year and look forward to meeting you all!!

  • Rohan Bhalla

    Alma Mater: Wayne State University

    Professional Interests: Urology

    Extracurricular Interests: Volleyball, playing the guitar, watching professional sports

    Other info: I’m originally from Toronto, Canada. I studied economics in college and came directly to medical school. I am an avid sports fan – the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, and Detroit Lions are my teams. I am a huge fan of The Office, which is probably an understatement. I’m excited to be an SAA and a part of the Robinson family and I’m here to make you feel the same way! Congratulations on being inducted into the best college!

  • Jessica Burris

    Alma Mater: University of Virginia

    Professional Interests: Medical education, medical humanities (specialty is thoroughly undecided)

    Extracurricular interests: Travel, live music, dance, hiking, surfing, reading, writing

    Other info: Hi new Ravens!  Most people call me Jess, and I’m a rising third year here at VUSM.  I took four years off between undergraduate and medical school and lived in San Francisco.  I travel every chance I get, especially if the destination involves the ocean, sunshine, or live music.  One day, I will finally convince my boyfriend to adopt several small dogs.  I am frequently found running the Vandy loop so slowly that strangers offer words of encouragement.

  • Joseph Ebersole

    Alma Mater: University of Dayton

    Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Addiction

    Extracurricular Interest: Hiking, Running, Cycling, Cooking, Brewing beer, Travel

    Other info: Grew up in Atlanta then moved to the Cincinnati/Dayton area.  Currently leaning towards EM but overall undecided on what career path to ultimately take.

  • John Ewing

    Alma mater: Vanderbilt University

    Professional Interests: Critical care, general surgery, cancer biology

    Extracurricular interests:  backpacking, hiking, running, anything outdoors, traveling

    Other info:  I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and then came to Vandy for undergrad, where I studied chemical engineering.  My favorite part of college was running for the VU men’s Cross country team, alongside some great teammates. Outside of school, I like to try new places to eat in Nashville, go outside to throw the frisbee or play tennis, and hike at Percy Werner Park.  I am an enthusiastic fan of the ‘Dores, and “Jeopardy!” is my favorite TV show.  I am stoked to be an SAA, feel free to reach out with any questions, and welcome to Robinson! 

  • Kathleen Hiltz

    Alma Mater: Washington U in St. Louis

    Professional Interests: Internal Medicine

    Extracurricular Interests: cooking, running, brewing, hiking, music, Catholic / Christian student groups  

    Other info:  Oldest of 3 girls from Cincinnati, OH.  I worked in tech consulting in St Louis for a year after undergrad.  I’m overly proud of my ability to turn any conversation into song lyrics.

  • Chelsea Lawson

    Alma Mater: University of Kentucky

    Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Global Health

    Extracurricular Interests: running, music, dancing, UK basketball, Disney movies 

    Other Info: Kentucky born and raised but decided to minimally expand my horizons to Nashville for medical school. I went straight through from UK where I studied Biology and Spanish to Vanderbilt and have absolutely loved it here. Can't wait to meet all the new Ravens!

  • Kaitlyn Weeber

    Alma Mater: UC Berkeley 

    Professional Interests: Family Medicine, Military Medicine

    Extracurricular Interests: Team sports (ultimate frisbee, soccer), cooking, and climbing

    Other Info: I'm the oldest of four from Chico, a town in Northern California. Before medical school, I took a year off to teach general chemistry labs at CSU Chico, and will hopefully continue to teach in the future. 

  • Debbie Xie

    Alma Mater: Duke University (GTHC!)

    ‪Professional interests: sports medicine, ENT, global health

    ‪Extracurricular interests: sports (especially gymnastics and NCAA basketball), cooking/eating, crafting, music

    ‪Other info: Grew up in Chicago suburbia. Gymnast/mathlete turned cheerleader/engineer now onto the next life adventure! Can quote the entirety of Mean Girls and How I Met Your Mother. Loves all Disney movies. Inconsistently can perform the Busta Rhymes rap in Look At Me Now.

  • Veronica Young

    Alma Mater: University of Arizona

    Professional Interests: Pediatrics, surgery, teaching and mentorship

    Extracurricular Interest: Hiking and camping, checking out Nashville breweries, playing sports and staying active! 

    Other info: Hi Ravens! I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico and then moved to Tucson, Arizona for college. I loved living in the southwest and miss it so much, but Nashville has won a special place in my heart. I enjoy going out to explore the city and getting to hike and soak in nature's beauty (everything here is so green and there are waterfalls everywhere!!). At Vandy I've become involved with Latino Medical Students Association and Shade Tree Clinic and am constantly inspired by the passion my classmates have to serving marginalized populations in Nashville.