Abstract List


Development of an Optically-guided System for Transcranial Ultrasound Neuromodulation

Vandiver Chaplin



Leveraging Single-Cell Data to Define Cell Differentiation Transitions

Chuck Herring


Mechanisms of Assembly and Covalent Flavinylation in Complex II

Chrystal Starbird


Affinity Maturation at the VH-VL interface

Alberto Cisneros III


Multiplexed Activity Metabolomics

David C. Earl


Computational Protein Structure Prediction Using High-Resolution Cryo-EM Density Maps

Michaela Fooska


Development of novel mGlu1 positive allosteric modulators as chemical tools for target validation in neuropsychiatric disorders: discovery and improvement of the pharmacokinetic profile of lead series VU0486321

Pedro M. Garcias-Barrantes


Optimus Primase: Determining the Transformations of Primase during Primer Synthesis

Marilyn E. Holt


Structural Dynamics of H+/Drug Antiport in an Archaeal MATE transporter

Kevin L. Jagessar


Statistical Comparison of Triglyceride Fitting Models using United States Department of Agriculture’s Database of Fats and Oils

Myriam Diaz Martinez


Engineering Endocrine Transdifferentiation: A Systems Approach

Christian T. Meyer


Modeling αB-Crystallin-related chaperonopathies in zebrafish

Sanjay Mishra


Local forces in actin gradients

Austin Oleskie


Complex Drug Response Dynamics in BRAF-mutated Melanomas Treated with Targeted Therapies

Bishal Paudel


No Title

Lauren E. Salay


Predicting Viral Antigen Plasticity and Evolution through Computational Design

Marion Sauer


A window into 3D culture: A multi-modal imaging compatible bioreactor for developing tumor growth models 

Abigail M. Searfoss


Generating broadly neutralizing antibodies via computational design

Alex Sevy


Analyzing Model Parameter Ensembles to Generate Probabilistic Predictions

Erin M. Shockley


Evolutionary conservation of signaling dynamics in the Hog1/p38 MAPK pathway

Alexander Thiemicke


Electrostatics as a Tool for Sialic Acid Binding Characterization and Mimetic Antibody Design

Clayton M. Wandishin


Detection of elevated whole-brain oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) in patients with intracranial stenosis using non-invasive MRI

Jennifer M. Watchmaker


Alpha-helical Membrane Protein Structure Prediction from Hybrid Experimental Data in BCL::MP-Fold

Yan Xia