Chemical and Physical Biology Annual Retreat

2017 CPB Annual Retreat

Our annual retreat will be held on May 24, 2017 at the Student Life Center on the Vanderbilt University Campus. The retreat provides CPB students and faculty an opportunity to appreciate the breadth of research being conducted in the Program. For students it helps to gain experience in presenting scientific work in a scientifically critical but personally supportive setting; and it fosters a sense of community within the program. It is our major program-wide event, and attendance is required of all students. The academic program includes poster and oral presentations from each student and a keynote presentation whose research represents one of the four programmatic tracks. 

The speaker for the annual CPB retreat will be Dr. Benjamin Cravatt of the Scripps Institute.  Dr. Cravatt's laboratory specializes in global analysis of enzyme function with the stated purpose of identifying therapeutic targets in human disease.  The Cravatt Lab has been on the cutting edge of both technology development and basic science discovery of the enzymatic regulation of chemical signaling.  Please reserve Wednesday, May 24th, on your calendars for this event! 


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