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Selena Chacon Simon

Chemical and Physical Biology PhD Candidate, Steven Fesik Lab

Research Area

Fragment based probe discovery and disruption of novel protein-protein interactions towards the treatment of MYC-driven tumors.

I’m interested in the structure-based design and synthesis of small molecule disruptors of a novel protein-protein interaction as a therapeutic strategy for the treatment of MYC-driven tumors. Myc genes encode transcription factors and they are activated in several hematological malignancies and solid tumors. Deregulation of Myc produces genomic instability, uncontrolled cell proliferation, immortalization, independence of growth factors, and escape from immune surveillance. Studies have shown that by disrupting the interaction between MYC and its partner protein it is possible to interfere with MYC function in cancer cells.

Faculty Mentor

Stephen Fesik

Undergraduate Institution

Universidad de Costa Rica