• Chong KM, Leelatian N, Deguire SM, Brockman AA, Ihrie RA, Irish JM, Bachmann BO, Sulikowski GA. Earl D. The use of fluorescently-tagged apoptolidins in cellular uptake and response studies. The Journal of antibiotics. 2016 Mar 9. PMID: 26956792 [PubMed].


The apoptolidins are glycomacrolide microbial metabolites reported to be selectively cytotoxic against tumor cells. Using fluorescently tagged active derivatives we demonstrate selective uptake of these four tagged glycomacrolides in cancer cells over healthy human blood cells. We also demonstrate the utility of these five fluorescently tagged glycomacrolides in fluorescent flow cytometry to monitor cellular uptake of the six glycomacrolides and cellular response.The Journal of Antibiotics advance online publication, 9 March 2016; doi:10.1038/ja.2016.22.