Vanderbilt Technologies for Advanced Genomics Analysis and Research Design (VANGARD) is a new core with administrative oversight from the Office of Research and scientific and technical direction provided by the Vanderbilt Center for Quantitative Sciences. The mission of the core is to consolidate the genomics data pipeline across the university and allow investigators to leverage the opportunities provided by next-generation sequencing and other genomics technologies. VANGARD operates in conjunction with VANTAGE, providing experimental design, quality assessment of data, analysis and results interpretation, and data storage to investigators, while VANTAGE provides technical services with a focus on next-generation sequencing including DNA-seq and RNA-seq. VANGARD also provides biostatistical and bioinformatic support for all genomic experiments that utilize BioVU specimens.

For small-scale projects, VANGARD uses a fee-for-service model which includes basic experimental design and quantitative analysis for genomic data generated by VANTAGE as well as data storage and backup. Large-scale projects and those that require more complex and detailed analysis are handled through a collaborative percent-effort model with VANGARD personnel functioning as research team members.

Dr. Yu Shyr serves as the director of VANGARD, and he maintains close communication with the leadership of VANTAGE to ensure seamless service delivery for genomic research.

Genomic design studios. The first step to a successful study is good experimental design. The VANTAGE/VANGARD team can assist you in designing your genomics experiment to answer the research question of interest. To register for a VANTAGE/VANGARD genomic design studio session, please visit:

General. For general questions or to request VANGARD services, please contact a member of the VANGARD leadership team:
Yu Shyr, Ph.D.

Yan Guo, Ph.D.
Technical Director for Bioinformatics

Lynne Berry, Ph.D.
Technical Director for Informatics

Lana Olson
VANGARD Core Facility Manager