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In the Spotlight

Two DBMI researchers made us very proud at the 2015 AMIA Summit on Clinical Research Informatics, held in San Francisco.
Huan Mo, PhD, won the Best Paper Award for “A Prototype for Executable and Portable Electronic Clinical Quality Measures Using the KNIME Analytics Platform” by
Huan Mo, Jennifer A. Pacheco, Luke Rasmussen, Peter Speltz, Jyotishman Pathak, Joshua C. Denny, William Thompson.  Huan is a postdoctoral fellow in Josh Denny’s group.
Laura Wiley's paper on "Phenotyping Adverse Drug Reactions: Statin-Related Myotoxicity" by Laura K. Wiley, Jeremy Moretz, Joshua C. Denny, Josh F. Peterson, and William S. Bush, received the Best Student Paper Award.  Laura is a PhD student in Josh Denny's group.
Congratulations Huan and Laura!